Monday, 8 April 2013

LI: To write a different ending for a story
SC: To introduce a new character and use adjectives and speech.
Ryan the fierce searched in the dark woods trying to find his friend Jack. Jack was also a tiger. He was only two years old with strong teeth and a shiny golden striped coat. Ryan heard a noise coming from behind a big grey rock. As Ryan moved closer, he saw  Jack had his paw stuck in a trap. ‘Help me dear friend” “he moaned. Suddenly Ryan saw a tall hunter in a green jacket approaching them.Ryan pulled and bit the rope that was attached to Jack's paw.There was a loud roar as Ryan made a final tug to set Jack free.The two tigers raced off thru the forest back to their cave.They feasted on juicy deer steaks and then went to the nearby river for a drink. They were safe and licked their huge paws before they went to sleep.