Friday, 26 June 2015

My science work

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This week we had science the hole week in our school. We have been learning heaps. We have learnt all about science like the 3 things in sciences. Solid, Liquid and gas.

We went to different classes in the seniors to learn about science. First we went to Room 9 and we learnt about how salt and sugar mix with liquids. The Next day we went to Room 8 and learnt about how  temperature helps things dissolves and fizzes.  After morning tea we went to Room 7 to learn how to make bread.

We learnt what Chemical and Physical changes do. Chemical is when you mix one thing with another and you can not bring it back. Physical is when you mix one thing to another and you can bring it back from mixing it


Melenaite said...

Nice recount on Science Mangila, I hope you had a great time learning about liquid,solid and gas in the senior classes.I really like the way that you have written what you have learnt in room 9,8 and 7.

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