Friday, 19 June 2015

technology cooking

Today we had technology at Tamaki college and the yr 8 had cooking with our techaer
Miss Tuiplotu and we have to to make dutch apple pie and we have read the paper with
the ingredients , equipment .One person have to get the sugar and the flower from miss Tuiplotu
and I went back to my table.I have to mix the sugar and butter.We put the cake in the oven and after
that we have to wish our mess and wait for the cake to cook.We got the cake and it was so nice we have to pray before we eat and we eat our cake and after when we eat we go and get our bag and back to school.


Danny said...

nice stuff was it nice

Uati Butler Peleti said...

Hi Mangila I like how you wrote about your experience at Tech in Tamaki College uses have the same class as Room 7 but we go to Selywen College for tech I how you write another writing about your day at tech.

By Mangila God bless

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