Thursday, 26 June 2014

colourful lanterns in the blackness of the night.
we have bundles of fun!
we float our beautiful flax rafts.

we share great food
we make to have a great year.
food is delicious! Yummy pumpkin soup.
Ice cold it is, in the dark night! we all gather round.

All the children sing some songs

Into the shelter to share some food

Thursday, 5 June 2014

In this explanation I will be writing about the rules for fishers. I will also mention the three different types of fisheries and their value.

Supermarkets rely on commercial fishing to supply their stores. Recreational fishers can only take what they catch depending if the fish is the legal size. The minimum size fish we are allowed to catch is from 25cm to 40cm .People must check what the rules are for the area they fish in. People who break the rules are called poachers. Poachers who  steal fish threaten  the fishing industry when poachers take more fish than needed there will not be enough fish to go around this why we have fishing rules in nz.    
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